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Interview with Johanna Gilligan of Homewise   

January 22, 2020 | What's Up ABQ – For Burqenos, which neighborhood we live in is almost as important as that serious question we ask all our guests on the show. Almost. That said, so many of us know all too well the hustle and grind which defines in our minds whether we rent or own our home. But what if we had more local options? Enter Johanna Gilligan of Homewise. Homewise's efforts right here in town help make the all-important distinction between renting and owning (while still being able to afford to live). Their team is bringing real resources to the table for ordinary folks who are trying to live their best lives. I mean, hell, after talking we're interested in using their services! But it's not all real estate either. Johanna and Homewise are also actively exploring ways to revitalize historic neighborhoods, all the while finding that balance between civic facelifts and gentrification.

Consultant Offers 3 Rail Yards Redevelopment Scenarios   

July 9, 2019 | Albuquerque Journal – Leland Consulting Group’s most recent draft report to the city of Albuquerque says the ideal Rail Yards redevelopment strategy will include a mix of uses. Click the headline link above for the full article.

Film center could be ‘game changer’ for Rail Yards   

July 9, 2019 | Albuquerque Journal – A consultant hired to study the financial feasibility of redeveloping the Albuquerque Rail Yards called a planned community college film center a “game changer” – one that could “define the economic purpose of the site” in lieu of waiting for another potentially hard-to-find anchor.


Railyards-Inspired Art Exhibit   

January 11, 2019 | Albuquerque Journal – "The history of the Rail Yards in Albuquerque goes back to the 1880s. There have been many uses for the 27 acres. The space in Downtown Albuquerque is soon to undergo some changes. That’s why the city’s planning and cultural services departments teamed up for the exhibit, “Artists Days at the Rail Yards.” The exhibit runs through Jan. 26 at the South Broadway Cultural Center and features the work of 59 artists."