Barelas Community Coalition (BCC) has been serving the historic Barelas neighborhood for over six years.  The BCC has been working hard towards revitalizing the area by advocating for permanently affordable housing and rehabilitating the existing housing stock, promoting economic development and job opportunities, improving infrastructure, bringing youth development education programs and other much needed services to the area. One of our major achievements has been giving Barelas a significant community voice in the redevelopment of the Barelas Rail Yards, ensuring that its redevelopment is carried out in a responsible manner with the best interest of the residents in mind.

The BCC is committed to delivering on its mission of enhancing the quality of life in this historic neighborhood.  We are proud of our past and current work, but we won’t stop there.  We will continue identifying new and innovative ways that meet the needs of our neighbors and creating a clear path toward achieving those goals.  We will deepen our focus on affordable housing and creating the revitalization of 4th Street as a cultural corridor.

We are eager to hear and learn from our neighbors and wide array of community partners who share our vision and aspirations for this amazing community.

This website will give you an introduction to our community, our work, our successes, and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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